AMG 63, 5.5L, M157 Biturbo

M157 Biturbo, Turbo Upgrade

We have developed proprietary aerodynamics, designed to optimize extreme pressure operation of the M157.

M157 Downpipes and Exhaust

Replacing the small and restrictive factory downpipes delivers significant gains in power, throttle response, and exhaust tone.

M157 Biturbo ECU Upgrade

Fully developed in house, our ECU tune has surpassed the 600 wheel horsepower mark on a completely stock vehicle.

M157 / M278 Biturbo, Air Filters

When analyzing the factory airbox and flow characteristics we found the placement of the filter in the box to be a significant restriction.

M157 Cooling Upgrade

The Weistec M157 Cooling upgrade greatly improves the M157 intercooler system. The upgrade includes a large heat exchanger, our Trunk Ice Tank, and all necessary hardware.

M157 / M278 Biturbo, Spark Plugs

The factory iridium plugs do not handle the M157’s high cylinder pressures very well due to the very small electrode tip.

722.9 Transmission Upgrades

Our full line of Mercedes 7 speed transmission upgrades to give your vehicle a bullet proof driveline.

W212 E63 / W218 CLS CV Axles

CV axles are responsible for transferring torque and power from the differential to the wheels in a vehicle with independent suspension.

Limited Slip Differential

This upgrade will provide improved traction and performance for your AMG vehicle, every day driving, drag racing and road racing.