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Performance Products for the Mercedes-Benz M139 engine ECU Tunes, TCU Tunes, Turbo Upgrades.

ECU Tunes, TCU Tunes, Turbo Upgrades, Water/methanol Injection


Dedicated to providing you with the latest in performance upgrades, our calibration department and engineers have spent months perfecting each of the performance upgrades for the new AMG engine. With the addition of these products, the M139 has proven to be an incredible performance powerhouse!

Our W.1 ECU calibration alone delivers up to an additional +125 HP and +159TQ on an otherwise stock vehicle. If you own a 2021+ M139 vehicle, please contact our performance specialists to help verify the current software in the ECU. Depending on the software, it may require an additional step to have it unlocked. Our Cypher CPC Modules are also compatible with the 8 speed dual clutch transmission, giving you even more control of the power delivery. 

The heat shield features a more aggressive design than the rather bland OEM heat shield. In addition, the heat shield has more surface area compared to the factory OEM one. The laser cut slots allow the air traveling from the air channels underneath the engine bay cover to reach the turbo and exhaust.  While the 304 Stainless Steel material absorbs the heat given out.


 Weistec Engineering offers the M139 Downpipe for the Mercedes Benz M139 equipped vehicles. The downpipes were designed with the most sophisticated Computer Aided Design tools to ensure excellent fitment. The downpipe features 3.5 inch diameter piping and a laser cut precision flange to mate with factory mounting points, giving this system a perfect fit. 

Our downpipes features CNC Machined 304 stainless steel turbine flanges to mate with the turbo perfectly using the OEM clamp. The M139 Downpipe mates to the rest of the exhaust using an OEM style adapter for a simple bolt in installation.

*Product may not be emissions compliant. Check local laws prior to installation.  

Water/Methanol Injection was originally used to reduce knock while increasing power and performance in aircraft engines and eventually came to be used in the motorsport industry where it was found to have substantial benefits on turbocharged engines. The Weistec Water-Methanol Injection System provides substantial cooling and knock prevention benefits for the M139 engine helping improve consistency and performance. The combination of the cooling effects of methanol and the knock resistance of water result in significant gains (through improved cooling and octane) in horsepower and torque. Weistec has engineered and manufactured many of the components of this system to ensure a simple and straight forward installation that a universal kit simply lacks. This system is a complete bolt on system that can be installed without any guess work or custom fabrication. The gains in performance paired with its consistency, makes this an essential upgrade for the M139 engine.

Our performance specialists are ready to assist you with any questions you may have pertaining to any of our performance products. Please feel free to contact us via Email at SALES@WEISTEC.COM or by phone at 1-(877) 934-7832.

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