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The 4.0L TFSI engine is a potent and capable powerplant, in addition to being paired to the famous AWD systems Audi/Porsche are known for.  Through extensive testing, our calibration department has developed the Weistec E85 and 91 octane 4.0 TFSI ECU Upgrade for the Audi 4.0 Liter Twin Turbo V8 engines. 

With the 91 Octane file, the gains alone can give you an additional +96 WHP and 136WTQ. Our W.1 and W.2 can expect better performance out of the tune if you have access to 93 octane. This tune is perfect for a daily driven vehicle that are looking to add a bigger punch! No supporting modifications are required since this calibration was designed for otherwise stock vehicles. 

Looking to get more performance out of your 4.0L V8 without paying the price of 100 octane fuel or higher? With our E85 W.1 ECU tune, you can expect an added +38HP and an incredible gain of +78TQ!! This file makes your vehicle a top performer in all driving situations. Requirements for this tune are simple, full E85 fuel and stock turbos. 


- Upgraded HPFP's

- Intake System

- Turbo Inlets

- Cooling Upgrades

- Exhaust

If you purchase multiple tunes and with the convenience of our Cypher Handheld Programmer, you can switch maps on the go when needed! The Cypher device can store your factory file, W.1 91 or 93 octane Tunes, and E85 tunes. Speak with one of our performance specialist today for more information! SALES@WEISTEC.COM

Transmission tunes are now available as well!