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The benefits of using a water/methanol system.


WWII Air Plane

Vintage warplanes marked the inception of methanol injection during World War II. Today, this technology has evolved, finding a new home in high-performance vehicles.

Unlike race gas, methanol injection not only elevates octane levels but also provides a cooling benefit that race gas alone can't match. Beyond power gains, there are operational cost savings. The system is used only when needed, avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption during cruising compared to running constantly on race gas.

Methanol Injector Spraying

Dyno Graph with performance numbers

Methanol injection is not just about raw power; it's about doing it intelligently. Weistec's system reduces intake air temperatures, providing an octane boost that treats your engine like royalty. This allows for increased boost and power without compromising safety.

Weistec Engineering takes methanol injection to unprecedented heights with a comprehensive A-Z solution. This powerhouse package includes a tank, digital controller, nozzles, and engine-specific adapters for easy bolt-on installation.

Weistec Engineering M139 Water Methanol Injection System

M157/M278 Water Methanol Injection System

Crafted with the end-user in mind, the Weistec Methanol System offers a streamlined installation process. It's about enhancing efficiency, similar to adding a cold air intake or a high-flow exhaust system.

Weistec Methanol Systems are designed to fit your vehicle seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional parts. It's power perfected, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience every time. See our selection of Water/Methanol Injection Systems here!

Mclaren with Water/Methanol Injection

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