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What is The CPC Module and What Does It Do?

The CPC (computer powertrain control) is the powertrain control unit, another control module that is somewhat similar to the ECU (engine control unit). In modern Mercedes vehicles it is responsible for controlling multiple vehicle features/equipment such as the active exhaust valves, throttle pedal, radiator fan, intercooler water pump(s) and speed limiter. It is also home to several torque limiters that use to solely be in the ECU. The CPC's torque limiters often times will prevent a tuned ECU from running at full capability. This is far more of an issue on some of the latest software versions that Mercedes is putting in vehicles. For instance, many 2020-2022 will not gain any power from an ECU tune if the CPC is not also upgraded.

Benefits of doing a CPC Upgrade?

While it does not directly control the engine, the torque limiters in the CPC restrict what the ECU is able to do when controlling the engine. The Weistec CPC is a complete replacement for the original CPC module meaning your original CPC remains unaltered and can be reinstalled at any time. It has the torque limiters set to values that effectively "remove" the limiters, allowing the ECU to operate with fewer restrictions when it comes to making power. The speed limiter is also removed, allowing higher top speeds. The CPC upgrade also sets the intercooler pumps to run at full speed, improving fluid flow through the intercooler system which then helps improve intake air temperatures for better and more consistent power. When requested, it can even be set up so that the active exhaust valves are always in the open position. The Weistec CPC is a great complimentary upgrade for any modified modern Mercedes vehicle offering better and more consistent performance and higher top speeds. What vehicle requires the CPC Upgrade you might ask? Any new Mercedes-Benz vehicle manufactured in 2021 or newer.   View CPC Module.

Transmission Tunes 

The Weistec TCU tunes results in faster and more firm shifting. This is accomplished with faster target shift times and running higher line pressure which also has the added benefit of reducing slip and increasing the torque capacity of the transmission. With higher line pressure, the clutches in the transmission are clamped harder making for better grip which allows the transmission to hold more torque. With less slip and faster shifts, the lifespan of the transmission is typically improved as well. This is a great upgrade for any supported vehicle whether it is stock or modified. We currently offer TCU Tunes for Both Mercedes-Benz Vehicles fitted with a 7 speed transmission or 9 speed transmission.  Some Audi Models are supported as well, please email with your VIN to verify your software.