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It was a brisk morning at Famoso on the 2nd of December, but the excitement in the air made it feel like a summers day in Southern California.  Hundreds of fire-breathing modified cars waiting their turn to take on the 1320 strip of pavement, engines roaring, and the sweet smell of race fuel fill the air.  Our humble luxury sedan makes its way to the front of the line with nothing but a Weistec ECU Calibration and a double check on the stock tires pressures.  Light turns green and the Weistec E63S pulls an astonishing 10.84 second quarter mile time at a trap speed of 126.58 MPH.  The spectators were shocked that this Mercedes, purchased out of the showroom floor only a few weeks ago proved that it was a 10 second car with just a tune.  The E63S didn’t just run a 10 second pass, it also set records.  The Weistec 2018 E63S is the fastest W213 E63 in the world currently, and is also the fastest Tune only E63 in the world.

W213 E63S ECU Calibration