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Weistec Engineering false coupon codes

Be cautious of what coupon codes you see online related to Weistec products.


With many retailers selling Weistec products, all you need to do is search, "Weistec coupon codes" or "Weistec discounts" to see plenty of sites advertising discounts on our products. However, consumers need to be cautious when using those sites.

Most of these websites offer coupon codes that are non-existent, offering anything from $1000 off superchargers or tunes, to free shipping. Only our Weistec Certified dealers have the ability to sell our products with their own deals or sales. If the dealer is not listed on our websites Dealer Locator, you should be cautious as to what you are purchasing.

We limit our sales through out the year and the only way to learn of such deals is by subscribing to our news letter, or following us on our social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

 If you're shopping for Weistec products online, trust the reputable retail names you know and we list on our website.

If you have questions about sales or promotions, then come to the source. Our team will let you know if there are deals to be had, and sometimes there is. If you see a promo code suggesting a deal that is different than what you hear directly from us, steer clear.

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