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There is something wonderfully excessive about the Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe, let alone one equipped with Weistec W.4 Turbochargers. For starters, it’s big. Very big. For reference, it’s a four-seater coupe that measures just 5” shorter than the 8-passenger Cadillac Escalade. It’s an absolutely gorgeous vehicle with muscular yet classy lines flowing from the nose to the taillights, though not quite as flashy one would expect from a $200K car. This puts it in the same price arena as a few red-blooded Italian exotics or even some ultra-luxurious British brands but isn’t as attention grabbing as they are. That’s not what the S63 Coupe is designed for, it’s a statement vehicle that tells people ‘I’ve already made it in life, now I’m going to enjoy it’.

However, don’t let the cross-stitched leather and the massage seats fool you, it’s not slow by any stretch of the imagination. The 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged AMG V8 sending 577 horsepower to its all-wheel drivetrain system grabs fists full of asphalt beneath you, launching forward with the urgency of a surface-to-air missile reaching 60mph in a mere 3.9 seconds. Makes one wonder why would anyone upgrade to Weistec W.4 Turbochargers? Isn't it ‘fast enough’? The point of this car is to drive casually and enjoy some tunes. Right? Therein lies the beauty of the S63 Coupe; it’s equally as accommodating to its occupants as it is capable of terrifying them.

Inside it’s all business.  Wrapped in welcoming leather, filled with rich sounds from the Burmester 3D Surround Sound System, and plenty of space for three of your friends. Panoramic sunroof, simple to navigate amenities, and seats that make it a joy to drive long distances. All seems tame, until you depress the brake pedal and fire up the ignition. The initial roar from the hand assembled AMG V8 sounds menacing, however with the addition of the Weistec Components, immediately your attention diverts from the scented air diffuser to the sounds of thunder crackling out the exhaust pipes. What just happened? Was that this car that made that noise?

Tapping the shift lever into ‘Drive’ and progressing forward leisurely in the Weistec W.4 Turbocharged S63 Coupe makes it seem as though nothing has been modified on the vehicle. It wafts along effortlessly as an S-Class was intended. Our intentions at Weistec are never to detract anything inherently Mercedes-Benz or AMG from the vehicle, our mission is only to enhance the experience and unlock the vehicles full potential. Now, dare you muster up the courage to shift the drive mode into ‘Sport’, immediately the exhaust note changes to an even deeper more aggressive rumble, the transmission downshifts, RPM’s rise on the high resolution displayed tachometer, suddenly you realize this isn’t the same S63 Coupe that rolled off the showroom floor.

You quickly open up your ‘Maps’ app on your mobile phone and find the closest runway to you. You take a quick glance around.  No one’s there.  Select all the sport settings, traction control set to sport handling, left foot on the brake pedal, right foot on the accelerator, a moment of panic before you lift off the brake, ready, GO! Your body sinks deeper into the seat as you fight the G-forces to keep your right foot planted to the floor.  Your focus sharpened, your vision quickly tunnels as your speed increases faster than anticipated.  The scenery outside this luxury missile is blurred. 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, over an entire second quicker than the standard version. An acceleration never expected from anything weighing 4,700 lbs. That’s the same 0-60 mph time as a factory tuned McLaren 570s (which of course we have performance components for as well, click here to explore).

Now for the science and technology that’s gone into making this possible. Weistec has designed a complete turbocharger replacement for the factory units on the M157 engine. The larger ball bearing units are capable of tremendously increasing airflow through their much larger turbines over stock. This paired with the Weistec M157 High Flow Downpipes and Exhaust, Weistec W.4 ECU Tune, Weistec Carbon Airboxes, Racing Spark Plugs, Weistec Water Methanol System and ASV’s, much greater power over stock is possible.

How much over stock? Glad you asked. Although the factory claimed power for the S63 Coupe is 577 engine horsepower and 664 engine torque, our baseline dyno testing resulted in a factory power output of 645 engine horsepower and 688 engine torque. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to understate their power figures, so we always do our due diligence in understanding where we’re starting from in terms of performance gains. After the addition of our W.4 Turbochargers and supporting modifications, we ran more dyno testing to see exactly how much power we were able to achieve over stock.

Horsepower climbed to 1010 engine horsepower and a staggering 1050 engine torque; A massive increase of nearly 400 horsepower. Engine horsepower numbers are different than the typically measured wheel horsepower, which are numbers typically shown on a Dyno chart. The way we calculate the engine power figures is by taking the wheel power measured by our inhouse dyno and accounting for a 15% drivetrain loss for rear wheel drive vehicles, or in this case 20% drivetrain loss for all wheel drive vehicles.

All in all, the S63 Coupe is a beautifully sculpted and well thought out machine. It blends the high-end luxury experience expected from the German auto maker’s flagship model with the acceleration performance of modern exotics, without compromise. With the addition of our Weistec W.4 Turbochargers, the experience is enhanced even moreso. The twin-turbo 5.5L AMG M157 engine is an incredible piece of petrol-burning technology and we are proud to offer our clients components to enhance their experience with them.