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The Weistec C65 4MATIC Black Series started life as the iconic and exclusive C63 Black Series. In an effort to build a unique, one-of-a-kind vehicle, the entire drivetrain was replaced.

Taking the place of the original M156 V8 engine is a highly modified Weistec M279 V12 engine featuring a sleeved block, Weistec forged connecting rods and pistons, Weistec CNC ported heads, Weistec designed dual throttle body intake manifold, and a custom twin turbo system.

If this was not enough, a fully custom all-wheel drive system was engineered, then CNC machined and incorporated into the already lethal package. This system includes custom drive shafts, axles, differentials, and carbon ceramic brakes. The end result is the definition of a monster.

The monster has producded over 1000 horse power at the wheels. Our trusted parter Mathia Bellussi, founder of Gulf Performance in Dubia is performing the final tuning. He is pusing the car to all new power levels in the UAE climate.