M159, SLS 750 Supercharger System

Weistec Engineering has developed the ultimate Supercar transformation for the Mercedes SLS AMG.
With cutting edge design and development, Weistec has raised the bar even higher, reaching an unsurpassed 750HP and 664LB FT.
This is the SLS 750, The world's most powerful SLS AMG...Period.

SLS 750, 750 Horsepower, 664 ft-lb of Torque

For completely stock vehicles (CARB E.O. D-691)

Weistec SLS, Half Mile Run.

M159, SLS 750 Package

  • 2.3L Twin-Screw Compressor Module Why Twin-Screw?
  • Dual High Flow Cast Aluminum T6 Hardened Intake Tubes
  • Brisk Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Delivery Upgrade
  • 1000hp Liquid to Air Intercooler Core
  • High Flow Cast Aluminum T6 Hardened Lower Manifold
  • High Flow Cast Aluminum T6 Hardened Throttle Body Inlet Y
  • 45mm Boost Bypass Assembly
  • Constant Mu, Delta Pressure (CMDP) Cog Drive System
  • Billet Aluminum Cog Drive Cradle Assembly
  • Poly Chain GT Carbon Fiber Cog Belt
  • Supercharger Serpentine Drive Belt
  • Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum Serpentine Idlers
  • Johnson CM30 30 Liter/Min Intercooler Water Pump
  • Intercooler Water Recovery Tank
  • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
  • High Flow Fuel Rail System
  • Power-Steering Reservoir Relocation Assembly
  • Weistec Engineering SLS 750 Reflash (CARB E.O. D-691)

SLS 750 Supercharger System

$27,999 USD

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Supported Platforms
  • 2010-Present SLS AMG (Gullwing and Roadster)