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W.3 Turbo How to Upgrade

How do I get my Weistec W.3 Turbocharger?


Step 1-Order
  • Browse for the W.3 Turbocharger for your vehicle.

  • Click the (Order Now) button to start the check out process.

  • Select the shipping you would like, this is the speed the package will travel from Weistec back to you. If you select UPS 2 day, we will send it back UPS 2 day.

  • Remove Turbocharger per vehicle manufacture instructions. Please consult with Weistec Engineering if yu have any questions in removal.

  Step 2-Ship
  • We strongly recomend shipping the entire assembly; Compressor housing, CHRA, and Turbine Housing as one. Turbochargers are delicatate units and should be treated as such.

  • Securely package the turbocharger in a reinforced box with adequate packaging material to protect it.

  • Please place a copy of your order reciept in the package.

  • The speed that you ship your computer to Weistec is your choice.

  • Ship computer package to...

         Weistec Engineering

          Attn: Turbocharger Department.

          1266 N. La Loma Cir

          Anaheim, CA 92806

  Step 3-W.3 Upgrade
  • Once your Stock Turbocharger arrives at the Weistec Turbocharger Department we will carefully disasemble your turbocharger and clean the compressor housing and CHRA.

  • We will expertly machine all needed pieces and then high RPM balance.

  • Once the W.3 turbocharger is assembled we will carefully package it to be sent back to you.

  • Your turbocharger noramlly leaves within three (3) days via UPS once we recieve it, your tracking number will be available in your (My Account) page.

  • Install your Weistec W.3 upgraded turbocharger and go enjoy your new found power.