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Computer Tuning Process

*Not available for TCU Tunes.

As of now, a large majority of the vehicles we offer tunes for are supported by the Cypher Handheld. If your vehicle is supported, the Cypher Handheld is a great way to get your ECU tuned. Once you place your order for the tune and the Cypher Handheld, we ship you the handheld complete in a case with all necessary cables and a USB drive. On that USB drive is a PDF instruction manual for the tuning process. The Cypher must first be updated using the link the PDF instruction manual then paired to the vehicle to either read the stock file or identify the software versions on the ECU. After that process, the handheld is connected to a PC so that you can download the ID file and email it to so that we can begin the process of making your tune file. Once ready, an encrypted file which contains both the stock file and the tune file, will be sent back to you. You upload the file to the handheld and then use the handheld to flash the car. Below you will find the instructions that are in the PDF manual

This software is only compatible with Windows PC/Laptop.
ALWAYS use a battery charger when you are installing the tune.

You must first install the client software on your computer. Here is the download link. There should also have been a little pamphlet in the package with this link as well.

Once installed, connect the programmer to your computer and run the software. It will make sure that the device is up to date. Once that is done, you can connect it to your vehicle to ID the car. The handheld will not work unless it is properly updated. Once the vehicle has been ID'ed you will connect it back to your computer so the ID information can be copied and supplied to us to enable us to make a file for your car.

Here are the instructions for pairing the device to your vehicle

  1. Plug the OBDII accessory to the vehicle and the handheld.
  2. Turn the key to position 2. On vehicles with push to start, typically it takes two presses of the start button WITH FOOT OFF THE BRAKE. Newer BMW’s require three quick presses. The dash/gauge cluster will light up and the check engine light should be on.
  3. The handheld screen will light up and show the main menu.
  4. Click on the Work tab.
  5. Click on the PRT Identify tab.
  6. Follow the screen prompts. After a while, another menu will appear.
  7. Click on the ID tab. Follow the screen prompts until it tells you the process is complete. Some vehicles require saving of the ECU Coding. If your vehicle is one of them, the handheld will prompt you to do so and provide instructions
  8. You may now turn off your car.
  9. Connect the handheld to the laptop/desktop.
  10. Open the MyGenius software, this time all the tabs should light up.
  11. Select the Download From MyGenius tab.
  12. Select your stock file.
  13. Save the file to your desktop and please put your name in the beginning of the file name so that it looks like this: John Doe MYGFILE.fpf
  14. Close the program.
  15. Email the file to and list out any modifications that are installed on the vehicle so that we can start making the tune file.

Please note, leaving out modifications or using a name that does not match the order will cause delays.

We do our best to get files back to you as quickly as possible. If a file is sent during Weistec business hours (8am to 5pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday), in most cases a tuned file is sent back within 2 hours. In some cases, in under 30 minutes. There are certain situations where an original file for your vehicle is not readily available. In these cases, you will be notified of potential delays.

Once you receive your tune file via email, save it to your desktop. It contains both the tune file and the original file. The file is encrypted and cannot be opened.

  1. Connect the handheld to the laptop/desktop.
  2. Open the MyGenius software, all the tabs should light up.
  3. Click on the Upload to MyGenius tab.
  4. Select the tune file and save it on the handheld. The software will tell you when it's done.
  5. Connect a battery charger to the vehicle
  6. Plug the OBDII cable to the vehicle and the handheld.
  7. Turn the key to position 2. On vehicles with push to start, typically it takes two presses of the start button (newer BMW vehicles require three quick presses) WITH FOOT OFF THE BRAKE. The dash/gauge cluster will light up and the check engine light will be on.
  8. The handheld screen will light up and show the main menu.
  9. Click on the Work tab.
  10. Click on the Write tab.
  11. Select the tune file or stock file and follow the screen prompts.
  12. The handheld will tell you when the tuning process is completed.
  13. After the tune is on the vehicle you can turn the car off and unplug the handheld. Some vehicles will need a couple key cycles to clear out any warning messages. If your car had a check engine light prior to installing the tune, you may still need to clear the code with a code scanner.


NOTE: This option is NOT available for the following TCU Tunes: AMG GT/GTC/GTS/GTR TCU Tune, 722.6 EGS52 TCU Upgrade, or the M159 SLS TCU Tune

For those that are either local to Weistec headquarters in Anaheim CA or near a Weistec Cypher Pro Dealer, you can make an appointment to bring the vehicle or ECU in for tune installation. Certain models will require ECU removal for tuning. Others can be flashed via OBD. If you would like to know if there is a Weistec Cypher Pro Dealer near you, use our store locator. If you have any other questions or concerns please email and we will help you as soon as we can.


NOTE: This option is available for any ECU or TCU tune, but if you are purchasing the following TCU Tunes, this is your only option: AMG GT/GTC/GTS/GTR TCU Tune, 722.6 EGS52 TCU Upgrade or the M159 SLS TCU Tune

The final option is removing your ECU and shipping it to Weistec Engineering for tuning. If you choose to ship your ECU to us, please follow these instructions

  1. Place your order on our website
  2. Remove the ECU from the vehicle
  3. Wrap the ECU in bubble wrap and use an appropriately sized flat rate shipping box
  4. Include a copy of your order receipt in the package along with a completed calibration request form. The forms can be found here:
  5. The speed (ground, next day, two day, etc.) that you ship the ECU to Weistec is your choice.
  6. Ship computer package to...

Weistec Engineering
Attn: Calibration Dept.
1266 N. La Loma Cir
Anaheim, CA 92806

In most cases, if the ECU is delivered by 10:30am Pacific Time, we can get the ECU tuned and shipped back out the same day. If the ECU arrives later in the day and/or without a completed calibration request form or a copy of your order receipt, it will cause delays.