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DCE Powers. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Power Trailer Back View


One of the things about electric vehicle is range anxiety. What happens when you get to your destination and set up camp?

From a simple glance at the trailer, it offers a kitchen with hot water and towing capability for your choice of E-bikes. When you look much deeper in the design you'll find over 50 KWH of power output by a Volta Power System unit allowing you to charge your Electric Vehicles, run the electric hot water heater and inductive stove. The DCE Powerstations has the amenities you desire.

Opening Solar Panel Power Trailer

Deployable Solar Array

Once you to the base of the mountain, deploy the foldable 1KW solar array to recharge the trailer's battery system.

Control Center

The main control center allows shows how many hours you have left with a simple gauge and a Switch Pros unit that controls all of your lighting.

Opened Power Trailer
Outlet Power Trailer


The level two Wallbox EV chargers on the trailers gives you the ability to top off your Electric Vehicle for the day.



Solar Panel Power Station

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